Promote the Vote maps exceed MICRC metrics, demonstrate path to equity in Michigan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021

Promote the Vote maps exceed MICRC metrics, demonstrate path to equity in Michigan
Data comparison supports citizen-urged consideration for Promote the Vote’s congressional and state House and Senate maps

DETROIT — Promote the Vote’s Fair & Equitable maps provide a fairer representation for all Michiganders, including voters concerned about their lack of representation, according to a new Promote the Vote analysis released today.

Promote the Vote announced its side-by-side comparison of its proposed U.S. Congressional, and Michigan state House and Senate maps with those under consideration by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. The comparison used the Commission’s defined data points and publicly available data.

“I am proud of the work being done to draw fair maps for all Michiganders, and this apples-to-apples comparison only strengthens the case for PTV maps to be looked to as the commission enters deliberations, especially given the frustrations expressed during the Detroit public hearing regarding the lack of options in the commission’s proposed maps,” said Micheal Davis Jr., Promote the Vote redistricting campaign director. “If the Commission truly wants to revisit maps for Michiganders that are fair for all, we invite the MICRC to look-to our maps as a resource.”

According to the review, Promote the Vote’s maps best meet the requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act by creating seven state Senate and 20 state House districts where there are enough Black voters to elect a candidate of their choice. Promote the Vote’s maps also better address partisan fairness by best meeting the Constitutional requirements to avoid providing an advantage to any political party, or favoring or disfavoring incumbent elected officials.

In fact, all 17 plans under consideration by the Commission give disproportionate advantage to one party. Using multiple evaluation tools, Promote the Vote maps score better than the Commission’s plans across many scientifically accepted measures of partisan fairness.

“This data proves what we have been saying for weeks: you can draw maps that are both fair and equitable! Promote the Vote’s maps respect minority communities while maximizing the voices of Michiganders who have been disrespected and silenced by decades of partisan map-drawing ” said Yvonne White, president of the Michigan NAACP. “We’re proud to be a part of the Promote the Vote coalition and believe our maps present the best path forward for all Michiganders.”

“Black and brown Michiganders deserve and demand a voice in Michigan’s state legislature and in Congress and that starts with fairer maps,” said Branden Snyder, co-executive director for Detroit Action. “This data shows, without a doubt, that Promote the Vote’s maps are an across-the-board win for Michiganders and warrant stronger consideration from the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.”

Promote the Vote utilized the same data and adhered to the same criteria required by the Michigan Constitution to create its proposed maps.

Promote the Vote’s nonpartisan Mapping Advisory Committee worked to ensure that all votes would count in its proposed maps, and addressed partisan gerrymandering by starting from scratch, scrutinizing the data and adhering to the prioritized criteria required by the state constitution.

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