PTV started the year with a goal: to pass Promote the Vote 2022 to make voting more accessible and to ensure that Michigan’s elections continued to be secure. We embarked on this journey believing that people across Michigan would show up to ensure the accessibility and security of our elections.

We got to work. For months, our coalition of organizations and volunteers talked to voters and collected signatures across each of our state’s 83 counties. Our campaign made history when, with our partners, we turned in over 669,000 signatures, one of the highest-yielding efforts in state history. As November neared, we ramped up our Election Protection Program – which included recruiting, training, and deploying hundreds of nonpartisan volunteers to monitor elections and ensure things went smoothly. We also managed a Michigan call center within the 866-OUR-VOTE nonpartisan election protection hotline, answering questions from and responding to voting-related incidents for thousands of Michiganders. These efforts were a success. November 8 went smoothly, and PTV22 – which became Proposal 2 on the ballot – won with over 60% of the vote.

We’re not done yet. In 2023, we’ll be working to build our Election Protection Program for 2023 and 2024 elections, advocate for more pro-voter, pro-democracy policies, and work to determine the root cause of – and ultimately end – disparities among civic participation.

In 2022, we worked to deliver what the people of Michigan demanded: increased access to the ballot box and protection of one of our most fundamental freedoms, the right to vote In 2023, along with our unstoppable partner coalition, we’re going to continue in our mission to strengthen our democracy and bring more power to the people.

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