Leaders of Statewide Grassroots Organizations Remind Michigan to be Patient As Ballots Are Tabulated

Contact: Joshua Pugh, jpugh@truscottrossman.com, 517-575-7180

DETROIT – This morning in Detroit, leaders from Promote The Vote, Detroit Action, APIA Vote, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, the ACLU of Michigan, and ACCESS hosted a press conference reminding Michiganders that anyone who intimidates or harasses a voter will be prosecuted, educating folks about their rights while casting their ballot in person on Tuesday, and reinforcing that all of us should be patient as every vote is counted this week.

“Nearly two million Michiganders have exercised their constitutional right to vote by absentee ballot, and millions more eligible voters will go to the polls tomorrow on Election Day,” said Micheal Davis Jr., Executive Director of Promote The Vote. “We want to remind everyone that it takes time for election workers to do their jobs thoroughly and count every vote. Proceeding carefully and diligently is what we all want and expect and that may take some time.”

Speakers at the event this morning also shared that if anyone has any questions about voting or registration or needs to report a problem, they should call or text 866-OUR-VOTE or go to 866ourvote.org and chat live with helpful experts.

“We’re proud that so many Detroiters and voters statewide have already exercised their right to vote absentee. But we’re concerned that the current rules forcing clerks to wait to tabulate absentee ballots until election day will create misleading media reports and online rumors on election night,” said Branden Snyder, Executive Director of Detroit Action. “Already, far-right extremists are using their own confusion about voting to try to sow disinformation about the process. They have filed a lawsuit demanding that each and every Detroiter vote in person – not anyone else in Michigan, just Detroiters. While these extremists are focused on spreading disinformation and silencing our voices, we’re not going to stop speaking out for voting rights, and working to keep elections safe, secure and fair.”

“It’s critical to the safety, security, and freedom of our elections that every eligible voter can cast their ballot freely and fairly,” said Rima Meroueh with ACCESS. “Intimidating voters as they attempt to cast their ballots is a federal crime, and the U.S. attorneys for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan have stated clearly they will address any harassment or threats related to this election. For our democracy to work for everyone, we all must be confident and assured in our freedom to vote, and we must exercise that freedom to vote in this election. We want to urge each and every eligible voter in this state to make your voice heard in this and all elections.”


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