Michigan House Prepares to Pass Far-Reaching Voter Suppression Bill 


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October 14, 2021

Michigan House Prepares to Pass Far-Reaching Voter Suppression Bill 

MICHIGAN – The Michigan House of Representatives will vote this week on SB 303, a far-reaching bill which would affect almost every aspect of voting in Michigan, from registration and funding, to identification requirements. In response, Shira Roza, voting rights manager for Promote the Vote, issued the following statement:

“SB 303 is a voter suppression bill, pure and simple. It would make it harder to apply for an absentee ballot, would restrict funding for election administration, and would adopt a radically restrictive and racially discriminatory voter identification system. What’s more, SB 303 – like the so-called “Secure MI Vote” petition – is so poorly drafted, that it’s not even clear what hoops a voter will need to jump through to, for example, apply for an absentee ballot. The bill contains conflicting, contradictory information on what identification is required, to whom such identification must be presented, and how voters may provide such identification.

“The lack of care and respect that the proponents of this bill have for the constitutional rights of the voters of Michigan is on full display this week in Lansing. Promote the Vote, a coalition of pro-voter organizations and voting rights advocates, urges each and every state legislator to oppose any efforts to disenfranchise voters and to vote no on SB 303.”


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