New Report from Promote the Vote Highlights Security Feature in Michigan’s Voter ID Law


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September 13, 2021

New Report from Promote the Vote Highlights Security Feature in Michigan’s Voter ID Law

MICHIGAN – Today, Promote the Vote, a coalition of pro-voter organizations and voting rights advocates, released a mini report describing Michigan’s voter ID law and its security feature, which ensures that no registered voter is disenfranchised.

“We have had a voter ID law here in Michigan for 25 years. This law verifies the identity of each voter, while ensuring that every registered voter has equal access to the ballot,” said Shira Roza, voting rights manager for Promote the Vote.

Michigan’s voter ID law requires every voter to verify their identity prior to receiving a ballot at their polling location. Most voters provide a photo ID.  The small number of registered voters who don’t have a photo ID or don’t have one with them can verify their identity by taking an oath and signing an affidavit.

“There are many reasons why a voter might not have a photo ID on Election Day,” continues Roza. “They may have forgotten it at home and live far from their polling location, it may have been stolen, or they may have no photo ID at all. Whatever the reason, not having a photo ID should not preclude a registered voter from exercising their freedom to vote.”

In Michigan’s last two presidential elections, tens of thousands of registered voters from every county in the state cast their ballot after verifying their identity through an affidavit. Some politicians want to change our voter ID law to eliminate the options voters currently have, putting tens of thousands of Michiganders at risk of being turned away next time they go to vote.

“Our voting rights are under attack by those who want to deny tens of thousands of registered voters in our state the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box,” says Roza. “Taking away the secure affidavit option – which is robustly tracked and monitored – amounts to nothing less than voter suppression. Promote the Vote and our partners will fight vehemently to defend voting rights whenever and wherever they are challenged.”

Read the mini-report here

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