Promote the Vote Calls Out Secure MI Vote Initiative for Deceptive Ballot Summary 


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September 9, 2021

Promote the Vote Calls Out Secure MI Vote Initiative for Deceptive Ballot Summary 

MICHIGAN – The Secure MI Vote initiative, which launched last week, released a misleading “summary” of what the effect of the initiative would be. In response Sharon Dolente, senior advisor from Promote the Vote issued the following statement:

“It is critical that voters understand exactly what they are signing when they sign a petition. The submission by Secure MI Vote is nothing more than an attempt to mislead voters and trick them into signing their petition. That’s why today, Promote the Vote submitted an alternative summary to the Board of Commissioners outlining what the petition would actually do.

“Michigan law already requires voters to verify their identity whether they are voting in person or via an absentee ballot. The Secure MI Vote proposal would interfere with the constitutional rights of every registered voter in Michigan. And the proposal would make voters less secure and put them at risk of identity theft by making voters disclose personal identifying information.

“One of the things that is most troubling about this ballot initiative is that those who are spearheading the effort want to bypass voters in their quest to take away rights of all Michigan voters.

“The 2020 election was secure and accurate. It’s time to move on, build on our successes and keep fighting to build a voting system that works for all of us. Secure MI Vote is working to undo all of our hard-fought success and take us backwards, and we will not allow it. We will defend the freedom to vote whenever and wherever it is challenged.”