Promote the Vote Releases Fair, Equitable Voting District Maps Drafts

MICHIGAN – Today, Promote the Vote, a nonpartisan civil rights coalition, released their first draft of new legislative maps for Michigan in a clear demonstration of what fair, equitable legislative districts look like. The maps adhere to Michigan’s constitutional criteria while also prioritizing the protections of the Voting Rights Act, Communities of Interest, and the elimination of unfair partisan advantages.

“Promote the Vote’s maps are an example of what fair, equitable maps can look like,” said Micheal Davis, redistricting campaign director for Promote the Vote. “For too long, our maps were drawn by lawmakers whose goal was to protect their own self-interests and choose their voters. It’s time for voters to choose their lawmakers. And fair, equitable maps, like the ones we’re releasing today, will ensure that lawmakers reflect our diverse communities and that all our voices are heard.”

For the first time, Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) will draw Michigan’s new legislative district maps. The MICRC was established in 2018 through an amendment to the state constitution. Voters overwhelmingly approved the amendment after it was revealed that Michigan’s legislature intentionally used the redistricting process to provide a political advantage to the party in power, effectively silencing the votes of thousands of voters for the last decade.

Promote the Vote’s draft maps were created using the same data available to the MICRC. The drafts showcase a map-drawing methodology that anyone with the right tools could use to produce a more responsive state legislature and congressional delegation for Michigan. “Our goal is to ensure Michigan has fair, equitable legislative maps to elect our leaders by leveling the playing field and eliminating built-in bias,” continues Davis. “Our democracy works best when all voices are heard and that’s why it’s important to draw districts that make elected officials more responsive to WE the people.”

View the maps here: