WDET: Benson touts ‘smooth Election Day’ for Michigan primary

Same-day voter registration allowed 3,000 people to register and vote in Michigan’s August 2 primary election. Voters across Michigan were able to exercise their freedom to vote with few incidents on August 2. And thanks to quick action by election officials and nonpartisan election protection volunteers across the state, the few small incidents that occurred were resolved quickly. Michigan’s August 2 primary election was a resounding success thanks to the hard work of election officials and election protection volunteers across the state.

You can read more from WDET here:

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is celebrating what she calls a safe and secure primary Election Day.

Outside of an incident in Inkster, where polling locations opened without electronic poll books to verify voters, Benson says there were no major issues reported to her office during Tuesday’s elections. She says officials worked with nonpartisan groups to address that problem quickly along with other minor concerns that popped up around the state.

(Image Credit: WDET 2022)

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