What we do and why we do it:

In 2018, Promote the Vote wrote a ballot proposal to ensure Michigan had a voting system that worked for all of us, which became Proposal 3 of 2018. Proposal 3 was a common-sense approach to removing barriers to voting, safeguarding Michigan’s elections and putting voters first.

Promote the Vote led the successful campaign to pass Proposal 3, along with the support of over 60 partner organizations and 125 grasstop leaders. In November 2018, the voters of Michigan passed Proposal 3. More than two-thirds of voters statewide supported it. In fact, 80 of Michigan’s 83 counties voted for Proposal 3, indicating widespread support across the state and political spectrum for increasing access to the ballot.

Many of the organizations that make up Promote the Vote also have a rich history of public education and advocacy around redistricting and the need for redistricting reform, and some have also played a principal role in advocacy, education and even litigation regarding partisan gerrymandering. PTV also worked to support the passage of Proposal 2 of 2018, the proposal that created Michigan’s Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission

What we believe:

We believe we can increase the power of people by ensuring Michigan has a voting system that works for all of us and fair legislative maps upon which to elect our leaders. Our democracy works best when all our voices are heard.

Who we are:

Promote the Vote is a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to increasing the power of the people in our democracy.

Board Members

President, Khalilah Spencer

Secretary, Gilda Jacobs

Treasurer, Judy Karandjeff

Dessa Cosma

Cindy Gamboa

David Hecker

Rebeka Islam

Chui Karega

Meredith Kennedy

Rima Meroueh

Christina Schlitt

Sue Smith

Branden Snyder

Shelli Weisberg


Micheal Davis, Jr is PTV’s Redistricting Campaign Manager

Micheal Davis, Jr is PTV’s Executive Director

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Sociology, passion and profession have kept Micheal active and engaged, leading statewide electoral operations, and coordinating advocacy campaigns, locally and across the country for the last 15+ years. Two years supervising site programs within Ann Arbor’s Community Action Network led Micheal to spend his next two years in service to the AmeriCorps VISTA program, working with some of those same families to drive the Youth Empowerment Project’s student-led advocacy projects in AAPS high schools. Those lessons cultivating young leaders and building organizational capacity were foundational in defining Micheal’s career path, which was further solidified by his tenure at State Voices, supporting civic engagement nationwide. In the decade since, Micheal has been active in various worker’s rights fights, and electoral campaigns within the labor movement, serving as the Political Director for the Michigan AFL-CIO, and leading the outreach and expansion of the organizing department. Micheal is excited to join the Promote the Vote team, where mission and passion align, continuing the effort to ensure fair democratic elections and practices in Michigan for years to come.

Sharon Dolente is PTV’s Senior Advisor

Sharon Dolente is PTV’s Senior Advisor

Sharon Dolente is the Senior Advisor at Promote the Vote. Sharon is an expert on voting and elections with fifteen years of experience defending access to the ballot in Michigan. As their Voting Rights Strategist, Sharon led the ACLU of Michigan’s work on Proposal 3 of 2018, which transformed access to the ballot in Michigan. In 2020, Sharon managed the largest nonpartisan election protection program Michigan has ever had, with the goals of expanding the electorate and eliminating disparities in civic participation. Sharon served on Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s Election Modernization Advisory Committee. Sharon also has a decade of experiencing as an attorney in private practice in employment and civil rights matters.


Shira Roza is PTV’s Voting Rights Manager

Shira Roza is Promote the Vote’s Voting Rights Manager. She manages the organization’s efforts to expand access to the ballot and eliminate disparities in civic participation.

Shira comes to PTV with more than 15 years of experience as a voting rights advocate, an attorney, and an organizer and regional director for national and statewide electoral campaigns. Most recently, she managed the rapid response program for Michigan’s 2020 nonpartisan election protection program. She has a J.D. and an M.S. in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Shira is eager to work with PTV and its coalition partners to ensure that all eligible Michiganders have free and fair access to the ballot.